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Letting Go of the Burden of Debt—Help You Deserve for Financial Relief

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “a man in debt is so far a slave.” The true essence of that statement can only be felt when you find yourself suffering from debt yourself. Although money is wonderful to have (and to spend), when you find yourself without it, you definitely feel shackled, powerless, and subordinate to creditors. However, with the proper help and determination, you can get the tools you need to break the chains of debt.

The Law Office of Casey D. Gish is where you can find the help you need and deserve.

The Debt Relief Experience You Need to Secure Your Future

Mr. Gish has spent his career helping people like you secure their financial futures. Having represented hundreds of clients in Las Vegas and California, he has strategically enhanced his knowledge of debt laws and options for relief. The high costs of living in this region is notorious for bloating debt and draining away wealth. As a result, Mr. Gish is uniquely qualified (and eager) to address all kinds of debt relief issues, including:

  • Bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is a way to help those who are in debt wipe their slates clean and start fresh. There are three common types of bankruptcy procedures—Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13—each with its own rules and qualifications. The right bankruptcy form can help debtors liquidate assets, create a repayment plan, or reorganize assets in order to pay off or discard debt. Casey Gish can help you decide which type of bankruptcy (if any) is right for you, and then guide you through the process to get the financial relief and peace of mind you have been seeking.
  • Tax Issues. Unpaid taxes have become a key reason why many Americans are drowning in debt. Any type of error, miscalculation, or inability to settle your debt can cause catastrophic legal, financial, and governmental complications such as audits, levies, and steep fines. However, with the proper guidance of Casey Gish—noted for his mastery of tax law—you can avoid the stress from the IRS and make sure you get the debt relief you need.
  • Foreclosures. “But will I lose my house?” is one of the top fears for any person dealing with unmanageable debt. When you’re unable to pay your mortgage, property taxes, or utilities, this worry is justified: your creditors may foreclose on your house and kick you and your family to the curb. Don’t allow your home to be taken away from you because of debt; let Casey help protect it for you and your family.

Guidance, Advice, and Confidence to Start Fresh

With over 15 years’ worth of experience, Casey knows the effects debt can have on lives and families. Constantly working to make a dent in your debt—only to have interest and more bills piled on the next week—is no way to succeed. Expanding debt is costing you and your family time, money, and patience. However, you can put an end to the endless snowballing effects of debt by taking advantage of Casey’s knowledge, experience, and eagerness to help you with…

  • Consolidating your debts
  • Setting up your bankruptcy petition
  • Filing your paperwork
  • Choosing which assets are financially beneficial to liquidate
  • Contacting and working with creditors
  • Organizing and properly handling back taxes

…and much more

When you’re drowning in debt or feel as though you’re powerless to secure your financial future, you need someone who can help you regain control. That someone is Casey D. Gish. Call us today toll-free at 888-244-5957, or fill out a contact form to get the support and guidance you need to start fresh and reclaim your finances, independence, and future.

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