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Extensive Service Areas—From Car Accidents to Falls, We’ve Got You Covered

When your injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it doesn’t matter how severe your injuries are, or exactly how you got themif you’ve been hurt you deserve fair compensation. Come see how Casey Gish has spent his career building experience across the spectrum of personal injury law, all to better serve you.

Auto Accidents

Pursuing an injury claim after a car accident can quickly become more trouble than it’s worth when doing it on your own. Insurance companies are well-trained to confuse you, irritate you, and frustrate you to the point where you’ll just want to give up. However, although insurance companies are quick to take advantage of you when you’re on your own, when you have an experienced attorney like Casey Gish working for you, they’re forced to change their tactics. Your accident has cost your family enough as it is; come see how Mr. Gish can help you take back the justice you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are one of the worst types of traffic collisions you can suffer. The stress and physical demands that are put on truck drivers not only increase collision risks, but they also increase the damage you and your family may suffer when a truck crash occurs. The pure size and weight of semis and trailers can cause horrendous, life-changing, and often fatal wounds. However, you don’t have to allow a truck accident to ruin your family’s future. Come see how Casey D. Gish can help you get the treatment, compensation, and justice you deserve for your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident injuries can be brutal, especially since you have virtually no protection from outside forces—in contrast to the protective shell of a car. Just because you choose to ride a motorcycle, however, that doesn’t mean that you should be left unprotected when it comes to accident claims. At least Casey D. Gish doesn’t think you should. Come see how you can get the support, guidance and legal protection you deserve from an experienced injury attorney you can trust.

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident injury is not only embarrassing but can also be extremely painful. Unfortunately, the pain of the injury isn’t all you have to deal with. Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to take advantage of victims like you by offering pitiful settlements, or confusing you into accepting a fraction of what your injuries are worth. Having worked for insurance companies in the past, Casey D. Gish knows that they don’t fight fair. But that’s okay; he doesn’t care, because he’ll make sure that he doesn’t pull his punches to get you the compensation you deserve. Come see how Mr. Gish is the right choice to help you get the slip and fall justice you desperately need.

Debt Relief

Finding yourself in debt can be an extremely stressful and serious struggle. Not only must you deal with the constant irritation of creditors, but you also wind up losing your sense of independence. You’re forced to work and work and work, to only make a dent in your bills. You deserve more out of life than slaving to pay off a debt that just keeps growing. Come see how attorney Casey D. Gish can help you reclaim your financial independence and get you the debt relief you deserve.

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