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A Rash of Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Betting is a way of life in Nevada. You take risks in order to feel a thrill and experience an adrenaline-inducing rush. However, no one should ever gamble with his life.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists do exactly that every time they rev up their bikes.

Riding a motorcycle is an extremely exhilarating experience. In addition to the freedom you feel with the wind blowing through your hair, the inherent danger heightens your senses making the ride that much more intoxicating.

The same sense of danger that thrills you can also kill you. And not from any miscalculation on your part—most bikers we’ve met take every reasonable caution. No, the greatest risk to motorcyclists comes from irresponsible truck and car drivers who fail to control their vehicle. The result: one mistake…one collision…one critically injured biker.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents account for nearly 15 percent of all traffic accidents, injuring or killing over 93,000 bikers a year. Since motorcycles provide very little protection against outside forces, motorcyclists are much more likely to be injured than any other driver or passenger involved in a traffic accident. These injuries aren’t only more common, but they’re also more severe.

Even minor fender-benders can cause devastating results for a biker who isn’t strapped in, has little to no protection, and an inability to absorb impact forces. Cars absorb impact forces through their frames; since motorcycles don’t have protective frames, the force dissipates through the bike and continues through the riders.

Needless to say, accidents are an extreme concern for amateur as well as seasoned riders, as they can quickly and painfully result in the following injuries:

  • Road rash. When your skin scrapes, rubs, or flays off as a result of being dragged along the ground, you’ll know the true pain of road rash. If you’re hit in a collision, the likelihood is alarmingly high that either you will be thrown from your bike or the bike will fall on top of you. This isn’t the worst of it, since you and the motorcycle will have momentum; instead of just falling to the ground, you’ll slide and roll. If your skin isn’t protected by safety gear, this skidding can cause large scrapes and traction “burns” that could potentially flay off your skin completely,
  • Broken bones. Whether you’re thrown from a bike and crash into a tree, fall off the bike and slam into the pavement, or become caught between your bike and another car, the force of the collision can easily snap your bones. Common areas of breakage include collarbones, legs, pelvis, and back.
  • Amputations. If you’re thrown from, crushed by, or dragged under your bike, the likelihood of your arms and legs becoming injured is quite high. The immediate trauma can sever a limb. In some cases, the injuries are so severe that it becomes medically necessary to remove the limb in order to prevent infections such as gangrene. The most common areas of amputation are hands, forearms, feet, and lower legs.

Motorcycle Injuries That Are Often Fatal

  • Head or brain injuries. Since there is no outer protection for your body or safety features such as airbags and seat belts, if the force of an impact causes you to jerk or be thrown forward, you risk the chance of slamming your head against the pavement or other hard objects. This impact can not only cause severe head and neck trauma, but also brain damage. Motorcycle helmets that conform to Transportation Department standards have a proven ability to reduce fatal head and brain injuries, but riders who refuse to wear helmets are facing significant risks.
  • Spinal cord injuries. SCIs are a huge concern for motorcyclists, as a biker can’t control where or how he lands if thrown. The alarming truth is that you have at least a fifty percent chance of striking your head, neck, back, spine, or tailbone. If you do land on one of these fragile body parts, you run the risk of becoming paralyzed. Unfortunately, the majority of motorcycle accidents produce a great deal of impact force, making paralysis a common yet tragic outcome.

If you or a loved one has suffered one or more of these injuries as a result of another driver’s careless error, contact Casey Gish today! It’s time to get the justice you and your family deserve. Call our toll-free number (888-244-5957) now to get the injury compensation and treatment you need.

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