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If I sustain an injury after a slip and fall, what should I do?

A slip and fall accident can cause a wide variety of injuries, ranging from minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic (and costly) injuries such as brain damage and spine trauma. However, no matter how severe the injury is at the time of the incident, improper care and poor planning can matters significantly worse and wind up costing you more than a little embarrassment.

This is why it’s extremely important to understand what you should and should not do after a slip and fall accident to protect yourself against further injury—not to mention secure your potential liability claim.

What Not to Do and What Not to Ignore After Your Slip and Fall Injury

Improper care and ignorance of what you should do can not only make your injury worse, but it can also invalidate your rights as a victim. This is why it’s extremely important to know how to handle yourself both physically and professionally after an accident.

Key Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t misjudge your injury. Sometimes a severe injury can easily be mistaken as an inconsequential nuisance. A severe head injury can be disguised as a mere headache. A broken bone can feel like a simple sprain. This is why no matter how insignificant you may think an injury is, it’s important to get proper medical attention. Not only will this be beneficial for your health, but documentation can be used as evidence in your case.
  • Refrain from putting heat on a recently sprained or bruised injury. Bruises are extremely common after a slip and fall due to impact force. They result when blood vessels break, causing blood to pool into the tissue under the skin. This pooling causes discoloration, swelling, and pain. However, heat can make these bruises worse. Even though it may feel comforting, heat can actually thin out your blood and cause the broken blood vessels to bleed more, longer, and faster. As a result, a minor bruise can become large and extremely sensitive

The Actions You Must Take

  • Fill out an incident report. If your fall occurred inside a building, store, or on private property, you need to fill out an incident report. It doesn’t matter if you think the accident was insignificant. Injuries and damages can worsen after the fact; you never know the extent of your injuries until you’ve been properly assessed. If the person liable for the accident space refuses to give you paperwork, a police officer should be notified. These reports can not only be used to evaluate safety conditions, but also as evidence for your injury claim.
  • Contact an experienced attorney. Insurance companies are ruthless when it comes to slip and fall settlements. However, if you have an experienced lawyer on your side helping you build, secure, and file your claim, insurance companies are stopped in their tracks. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of! Make sure you get the compensation and treatment you deserve for your recovery with the help of a good liability lawyer.


Remember always to protect your health by discussing your injury care with your doctor, even if you think your injury may be minor. It is also beneficial to protect your future by discussing and planning your claim with us before you file an accidental injury claim.

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